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training for emergency plan of jiuding new timber organization
release time:2018-06-27        from:

in the afternoon of june 27th, the guidelines for the preparation of emergency plans for jiuding new timber organization were trained. the leaders of the products department, the head of the workshop and the part-time security officers participated in the training. the training was told by shen xinghai, the management department.

according to the guidelines for the preparation of emergency contingency plan for production safety accidents in production and operation units by gb/t29639-2013, shen xinghai first introduced the system composition and programming of emergency plan, and then focused on the main contents of three contingency plans, such as comprehensive emergency plan, special emergency plan and site placement. in the end, the layout of the company's emergency plan is revised.

contingency plan is a working plan for effectively preventing and controlling possible accidents, minimizing accidents and causing damage. emergency plan helps to identify potential risks, understand the mechanism of emergencies, clear the scope and system of emergency rescue, so that all aspects of emergency response can be followed in order to improve the level of emergency management. (zhou zhixin, management department)