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attending the european electricity show is very exciting
release time:2018-07-02        from:

during june 17th solstice june 30th, the profile product department, under the leadership of fan xiangyang, the deputy general manager of the company, participated in the austria electricity exhibition and visited relevant european customers.

during the exhibition, we received dozens of customers. at the same time, as some exhibitors were also our target customers, we took the initiative to introduce our profile products to each other's booth. judging from the effect of the exhibition, although the number of clients we receive is not very large, we have gained a lot.

this is the third time that the profile product department has attended such a meeting, and each participation has been fruitful. for the first time, we have a substantial cooperation with an eastern european company, and the current transaction volume is remarkable. in the second exhibition, we had in-depth negotiation with another company in eastern europe, and our cooperation was on the verge of breaking out. in this exhibition, we have come into contact with a large canadian company. if we can cooperate, the transaction amount will be considerable. in addition, several companies have developed a strong interest in our products.

we entered the cooling tower industry earlier. through market research, we obtained many information of large cooling tower companies and contacted them. but because these big companies have abundant supplier resources, they have a lot of say in the pricing of products, and even with them, the profits are not very high.

on the contrary, some local small cooling tower companies, limited by the asymmetric information, have scarce supplier resources, and our arrival opens the window of their external procurement. through our guarantee in product quality and service, they can get better products with better quality than the local price. at the same time, our price is relatively suitable and the profit is considerable. taken together, these smaller cooling tower companies prefer us to cooperate.

for the exhibition itself, i always think that the truth is to conclude the order is the king. the measurement of whether an exhibition is worth attending depends on whether the ideal order can be obtained through the exhibition. (profile product department zhu xiaoxiang)