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the project of waffle board has been successfully tendered, and the mold workshop is welcoming the red august
release time:2018-08-24        from:

entering the mold workshop, what you see is the red mold lining both sides of the passageway. red, a festive color, the success of the waffle plate project bidding, mold workshop ushered in red august.

project engineering, the time is tight, the task is urgent, the mold is the leader, therefore the mold making becomes everybody first the focal point.

on august 4, the department leaders organized an emergency meeting, determined the required number of molds according to the project delivery date and the organization of resources, arranged the mold making plan, and coordinated the manpower of each workshop to turn over the molds.

on august 7, the mold workshop will carry out the job transfer safety training successively by the personnel of each department, and make reasonable division of labor according to the position advantages of each member in the original workshop, organize the personnel to carry out shift work, rush the time, rob the progress, want efficiency. the weather is very hot, the employees are sweating like rain. although their sweat is soaked to the whole body, they refuse to let it drip on the mold, especially like caring for their children, for fear of affecting the quality of the mold. although it is a temporary miscellaneous army from various departments, but they did not complain, with the old and new, learn from each other's strengths, cooperation, happy, everyone in their posts quietly fighting.

the production of moulds is progressing steadily according to the arrangement plan. it is expected that by the end of august, all the staff will successfully complete the production of more than 170 molds and deliver them to each production workshop.

red mold, red august, a vibrant scene.. (zhang suqin, general product department of jiuding new materials)