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| cast iron blood cast soul on thursday after the screening room, left oneself to protect the country
release time:2018-08-24        from:

on thursday, the screening room organized to watch the movie "the founding of a great army", which tells the story of the communist party of china (cpc) saving the revolution after the defeat of the first domestic revolutionary war. guided by firm ideals and beliefs, and combined with china's national conditions, it determined the route of the armed seizure of power and created the people's army led by the communist party of china (cpc).

the people's army led by the communist party of china is able to move forward on the arduous and tortuous path of national salvation precisely because of the firm belief. one person's power is limited, but a group of patriotic generals gathered by the common belief form an unbreakable power.

when the communist party of china was founded, it had been working under the guidance of the soviet communist international. the fundamental reason for the failure of the revolution was that it did not suit china's national conditions.

iron casting, the soul of sacrifice for our nation the spirit of the brand at the beginning of the formation of the army in the soul of the people's army, now we happiness of life is the countless revolutionary martyrs with blood and the life, we should not only enjoy the happy life now, more to protect the happiness, based on the labor of duty, to the cause of socialism. (wu wei, office of jiuding group)