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rugao industrial park (such as the city street) limited space operation safety production work promotion scene will be held in jiuding new materials
release time:2018-08-31        from:report from our correspondent

report august 31 at 3:00 pm rugao industrial park (such as the city street) limited space operation safety production work promotion scene will be held in jiuding new materials. the meeting was attended by more than 40 people, such as mao aiqun, director of the city safety administration bureau, li zhijun, jia chunhua, 17 enterprise representatives involved in limited space operations in rugao industrial park, safety director of our company, staff of the enterprise management department, and responsible personnel of relevant production workshops.

the meeting, chaired by deputy director of the safety bureau, mr li zhijun, was divided into two agendas. first, all the staff visited on-site safety protection facilities, warning signs, msds and other control measures in the tank area, and watched the cleaning process of reaction kettle in the glue workshop and the emergency rescue drill for poisoning.

then, the participants returned to the venue, and shen xinghai, director of the office of anwei, introduced the safety management experience of limited space operations, mainly from the following seven aspects: the upper system identifies the operation of limited space and establishes the security management ledger of limited space. the limited space operation approval system is strictly implemented; strengthen the training of operation personnel and enhance the awareness of safety red line; we should improve the emergency response plan system at home and strictly implement the long-term emergency rescue mechanism. set safety warning signs and implement security measures; organize hidden trouble investigation and timely implement corrective measures.

at the end of the meeting, director mao of the work safety supervision bureau made comments and put forward three requirements: draw lessons from safety accidents in limited space seriously, attach great importance to safety training in limited space, and strengthen safety awareness of operators in limited space through accident warning education. it is necessary to carry out the spirit of documents at all levels, further implement the preventive measures, carry out the investigation and identification of limited space, reconfirm the operating conditions, refine the operating process, organize the drill for emergency response, implement the preventive measures of all safety work, strictly prevent the risk operation and blind rescue. to conscientiously carry out the spirit of "three necessities" : the main responsibility for safe production in limited spaces must be implemented; the control of operation site must be strengthened, especially the management of outsourcing work. the operation process of limited space must be further refined, and emergency rescue plan and drill should be improved.

after the meeting, director mao communicated with president gu qingbo of jiuding group, expressed his thanks to jiuding for being a role model for the park, and promised to provide timely and accurate support and services for the safety development of jiuding. (shen xinghai, business management department of jiuding new material)